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Preparation of risk assessment of "other substances" by VKM


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VKM has been commissioned by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority to assess the risk of "other substances".

"Other substances" are substances that have a nutritional or physiological effect, excluding vitamins and minerals. Examples of "other substances" are fatty acids, antioxidants, amino acids, carnitine, coenzyme Q10, caffeine, etc. "Other substances" are mainly added to dietary supplements, but also to sports products, energy drinks and some other foods.

The assignment

Regulations on the addition of vitamins, minerals and certain other substances to food products were changed on 1 January 2020, partly due to work by VKM during the period 2015-2017.

The regulations contain a so-called positive list that provides the conditions for adding certain "other substances" to food stuffs, including dietary supplements, which are safe to human health. Organisations can report, or apply for permission for, the addition of an "other substance" than those named in the regulated positive list. An organisation may apply for the addition of a new "other substance" to the positive list, or for a greater amount of an "other substance" already found on the positive list.

VKM's new assignment involves assessing risk whenever the Norwegian Food Safety Authority needs a risk assessment as a basis for knowledge in processing an application or notification of certain "other substances".

A protocol has been prepared that shows how VKM will carry out the risk assessments of other substances.

Project group

VKM has established a permanent project group and a permanent guidance and approval group to prepare risk assessments for this commission.
Project team members: :
Johanna Bodin
Ida Henriette Caspersen
Nur Duale
Camilla Svendsen

The members of the guidance and approval group:
Jan Alexander
Åshild Krogdahl
Robin Ørnsrud

The project manager in VKM's Secretariat is Gro Haarklou Mathisen, gro.haarklou.mathisen@vkm.no.


liten bilde av Gro Mathisen

Gro Mathisen

Project manager, PhD

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