Anne-Grethe Danielsen is available to respond to enquiries from the media. She is also the contact point for organising interviews with VKM's officials and experts.


A-G Danielsen

Anne-Grethe Danielsen

Communication manager, EFSA Communication expert

M: 91 32 20 20
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lite bilde av Tanya Samuelsen Kristiansen

Tanya Samuelsen Kristiansen

Senior kommunikasjonsrådgiver og nettredaktør

M: 95 09 41 50
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Independent and transparent

VKM carries out independent risk assessments for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) and the Norwegian Environment Agency (Miljødirektoratet).

In carrying out independent risk assessments, VKM plays an important role towards ensuring that Norwegian consumers have safe food and towards protecting the environment.


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EFSA Focal Point

The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety has been appointed as the EFSA Focal Point in Norway.