EFSAs Focal Point in Norway

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has initiated National Focal Points in the European Member States to act as interfaces between EFSA and the different national food safety authorities, research institutes, consumers, and other EFSA-related stakeholders.

In Norway, VKM has been appointed as the Focal Point for this scientific coordination work.


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Gisle Solstad

Senior Advisor, Administration and EFSA Focal Point

M: +47 983 67 286
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Networks of Member State organisations share data and insights on specific subjects and develop harmonised approaches. This enhances mutual understanding, reduces duplication of work and minimises the potential for diverging opinions.

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Article 36 External link, opens in new window.

Article 36 of EFSA’s founding regulation describes networking of scientific organisations in Member States. That is why organisations listed in Article 36 are known as “Article 36 organisations”.

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EFSA regularly publishes calls for public consultations on scientific subjects specific to its area of activity.