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Microbial Ecology

The Panel on Micrbial Ecology assesses environmental risks posed by the release/import of microorganisms and the use of medicinal products containing or consisting of genetically modified organisms. The group also assesses health and environmental risks posed by the use of microbiological products for cleaning and oil decontamination among others.


Nana Asare

Project manager, PhD

T: +47 21 62 28 23
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Ida Skaar (chair)

Anders Jelmert

Bjørnar Ytrehus

Arinze Okoli

Arne Tronsmo

Jacques Godfroid

Jörn Klein

Tor Gjøen


Assessing risk means assessing how likely it is that a hazard we know leads to injury. In addition, we need to assess how serious the injury is.

Independent and transparent

VKM is appointed by the Ministry of Health and Care Services. VKM is organized as an independent body, fulfilling the national requirement for independent, transparant and open scientific risk assessments.

Risk assessments in VKM follow current international standards and methodology in the respective fields of responsibility for VKMs panels.


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The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment

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