The panel assesses the risk of environmental toxins and other pollutants, process-induced substances, natural toxins, and residues of veterinary and human medicinal preparations.

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Helle Knutsen (chair)

Jan Alexander

Lisbeth Dahle

Rita Hannisdal

Espen Mariussen

Heidi Amlund

Ingunn Anita Samdal

Anders Ruus

Martin Schlabach

Ann-Karin Hardie Olsen

Assessing risk means assessing how likely it is that a hazard we know leads to injury. In addition, we need to assess how serious the injury is.

Independent and transparent

VKM is appointed by the Ministry of Health and Care Services. VKM is organized as an independent body, fulfilling the national requirement for independent, transparent and open scientific risk assessments.

Risk assessments in VKM follow current international standards and methodology in the respective fields of responsibility for VKMs panels.


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