The panel assesses whether the import, keep and release of alien organisms may pose a risk to biodiversity in Norway. Other conditions that can affect biological diversity are also included in the group's work.


Jo Skeie Hermansen

Project manager, PhD

M: 482 00 409
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Independent and transparent

VKM is appointed by the Ministry of Health and Care Services. VKM is organized as an independent body, fulfilling the national requirement for independent, transparent and open scientific risk assessments.

Risk assessments in VKM follow current international standards and methodology in the respective fields of responsibility for VKMs panels.



Gaute Velle (chair)

Anders Nielsen

Erlend B. Nilsen

Eva B. Thorstad

Johanna Järnegren

Anders Bryn

Sonya Geange

Brett Sandercock

Kjetil Hindar

Kyrre Kausrud

Lars Robert Hole

Lawrence Kirkendall

Silje Lund Sørlund

Paul Ragnar Berg