Scientific assessments

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Nutrition, Dietetic Products, Novel Food and Allergy

Potassium chloride as substitute for salt - a benefit-risk assessment
12.05.2021 07.06.2022

Scientific Steering Committee

Risk-benefit assessment of fish in the Norwegian diet
10.04.2019 07.06.2022


Risk assessment of dioxins and dl-PCBs in food
15.02.2019 27.04.2022

Food Additives

Risk-benefit assessment of use of sunscreen
27.02.2018 05.04.2022

Alien Organisms and trade in Endangered Species (CITES) | Animal Health and Welfare

Domestic cats: the risk to biodiversity and animal welfare
17.02.2021 17.03.2022

Alien Organisms and trade in Endangered Species (CITES)

Giant hornets from Asia - risk of negative impact on honeybees and biodiversity

Microbial Ecology

Antimicrobial resistance in the environment
15.04.2021 25.01.2022

Animal feed

Risk assessment of potentially toxic metals in soil and fertiliser products - fate and effects in the food chain and the environment
30.10.2017 15.12.2021

Animal feed

Consequences of importing roughage
30.04.2020 14.12.2021

Alien Organisms and trade in Endangered Species (CITES)

Climate change and effects on the forest ecosystem
29.01.2021 01.12.2021

Scientific Steering Committee

CRISPR and other genome editing techniques - implications for risk assessment
01.02.2018 29.10.2021

Plant Health

Waste from compost- and biogas treatment facilities: assessment of risk to plant health and the environment
21.04.2020 18.10.2021

Food Additives

Risk assessment of caffeine exposure from multiple sources
2021:05 29.04.2021

Food Additives

A scoping review of systematic reviews on environmental effects of sunscreen ingredients