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Risk ranking of undesirable substances in food - which foods are the most relevant to monitor?


Report no: 2022:18

Published: 09.06.2022

Key message:

The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment (VKM) has prepared a knowledge base to be used as a tool for prioritising the monitoring of “undesirable chemical substance/food item” pairs.

The knowledge base has been prepared upon request from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, which will use the tool for work with risk-based monitoring of chemical substances in foods which potentially pose a health risk. VKM has identified groups and items of food which are consumed by the Norwegian population and are relevant for monitoring, since they contain one or more undesirable chemical substances. Undesirable chemical substances are defined here as chemical substances in food that may constitute a potential health risk.

The following substance groups are included in the knowledge base: flavourings, food additives, metals and metalloids, natural toxins, persistent organic pollutants, process-induced contaminants, substances in food contact materials, and substances in food supplements.

The tool was prepared by an interdisciplinary project group and approved by VKM’s Scientific Steering Committee.


liten bilde av Gro Mathisen

Gro Mathisen

Project manager, PhD

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