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Risk- benefit assessment of potassium chloride as replacement for sodium chloride

Report no: 2014: 27

Ordered: 25.06.2013

Published: 24.04.2014

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Main message:

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority and The Norwegian Directorate of Health requested VKM to perform a benefit and risk assessment for human health of potassium chloride in relation to increased substitution of sodium chloride with potassium chloride in industrially produced food.

The current assessment covers possible effects on food safety by full or partial replacement of sodium chloride (NaCl) by potassium chloride (KCl).

The VKMs Panel on Nutrition, Dietetic products, Novel Food and Allergy has been responsible for performing the benefit part of this assessment (Part I), and the Panel on Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing Aids, Materials in Contact with Food and Cosmetics has been responsible for the risk assessment in Part I.

The Panel on Biological Hazards has been responsible for performing the microbiological risk assessment (Part II).


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