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Risk-benefit assessment of fish in the Norwegian diet

Report no:

Ordered: 10.04.2019

Publishing: 28.04.2021

Key message:

The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment (VKM) is making a risk-benefit assessment of fish in the Norwegian diet, at the request of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA).

Consumption of fish and health consequences

VKM’s assessment will examine the impact of fish consumption on the Norwegian population, if people:

  • Continue consuming the same amount as they do now
  • Increase consumption to the amount recommended by the Norwegian Directorate of Health
  • Reduce consumption and replace some or all fish with other foods

VKM selects the substances and scenarios relevant to the assessment.

Updated dietary recommendations for fish consumption

Fish contain nutrients that are good for our health yet can also contain undesirable contaminants that pose a health risk. A risk-benefit assessment of a specific food examines both nutrients and undesirable substances, to evaluate whether the food is more beneficial than damaging. If the food is found to be beneficial, an amount of consumption optimal for attaining positive health effects may be determined.

Since new relevant data is available, the NFSA has requested a new risk-benefit assessment of fish consumption in Norway. The NFSA will use the assessment to update advice and warnings about eating fish in Norway.

VKM’s Scientific Steering Committee is responsible for the assessment, which will be published during the spring of 2021.

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