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Reassessment of MRL's for Isopyrazam for EU


Report no: Comments to EFSA

Published: 31.08.2021

Key message:

It is unlikely that in food, residues of the active substance isopyrazam below these maximum residue levels will pose a risk to consumers.

Thus concludes the review of existing maximum residue levels (MRL) for isopyrazam according to Article 12 of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 published by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Norway was the assigned “Rapporteur” Member State (RMS) in the review process, and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority requested the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment (VKM) to prepare an evaluation report that served as background material for the preparation of EFSAs reasoned opinion.


Pesticide residues in food may pose a danger to public health. For this reason, the EU has established a comprehensive legislation on pesticide residues in food.

Isopyrazam is a fungicide that works against fungal leaf spot as well as fungal growth on wheat leaves. It is applied to grains and other crops like banana.

Isopyrazam was introduced to the EU for use as an active substance in plant protection products in 2013. The existing approval will expire 31.03.2023, and a reassessment of its temporary MRLs has been initiated, in accordance with existing regulations.

Presently, isopyrazam is not approved for use in plant protection products in Norway but it is possible that Norwegian consumers are exposed to residue levels of isopyrazam in fruits, vegetables and meat.


As RMS, Norway has evaluated the presence of isopyrazam and metabolites in crops and animals. The level to which consumers are exposed was calculated using a model for intake of pesticide residues. The work was coordinated by EFSA.

The results show that consumer exposure is lower than the toxicological reference values.

Therefore, isopyrazam residues below the MRL in food are unlikely to pose a risk to public health.

EFSA has adopted recommendations for lower or higher MRLs for isopyrazam residues.

The project group

Hubert Dirven – Chair of the VKM Panel on Plant Protection Products

Dagrun Engeset - Member of the VKM Panel on Plant Protection Products

Ole Martin Eklo - Member of the VKM Panel on Plant Protection Products

Nana Yaa Boahene – Project Manager, VKM Secretariat

The Panel on Member of the VKM Panel on Plant Protection Products is responsible for the assessment.

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