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Health risk assessment on the pesticide NeemAzal


Report no: 2012: 02

Published: 18.01.2012

Main message:

The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety (VKM) has performed a risk assessment of the effect on human health of the pesticide NeemAzal, containing the active substance azairaktin.

The Committee concludes that the documentation is insufficient to undertake a full risk assessment. Long-term animal studies, which show whether the pesticide may cause cancer, are lacking.

In addition, there is insufficient documentation on potential adverse effects on reproduction, the fetus and genetic material which may be caused by the product. 

The risk assessment is carried out on the request of The Norwegian Food Safety Authority. It will be used as a part of the background material to decide whether the pesticide should be permitted for sale on the Norwegian market. 

The usage proposed is as a foliar spray for control of mites and leaf-miners in the production of berries, fruits, herbs and vegetables, and on ornamental plants grown in greenhouses or outdoors.


Vitenskapskomiteen for mat og miljø

The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment

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