Genetically Modified Organisms - Food and Feed

Genetically modified oilseed rape oil (Aquaterra®) intended for use as an ingredient in fish feed


Report no: 2023: 08

Published: 24.03.2023

Key message:

Fish feed containing the genetically modified oilseed rape oil Aquaterra® does not pose an increased health risk to fish, compared to conventional feeds.

There is also no indication that the oilseed rape oil poses a risk of negative effects on the environment, compared to conventional feeds.

This is the conclusion of a risk assessment carried out by VKM on behalf of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet), which received an application to approve the oilseed rape oil for use as an ingredient in fish feed.

This is the first time that an application has been made to use a genetically modified product in Norway. The oilseed rape oil is a plant-based alternative to marine omega-3 fatty acids. Normally, fish oil is used as a source of these fatty acids in fish feed.

The application is only for the use of genetically modified oilseed rape oil in fish feed.

VKM has carried out the risk assessment in accordance with guidance from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for risk assessment of genetically modified plants for use in food and feed.

The risk assessment has been approved by members of the VKM Panel on GMO – Food and Feed, supplemented by a member from the Panel on Animal Feed.


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