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Fortification of foods – update of model


Report no: 2021:12

Published: 16.06.2021

Key message:

The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment (VKM) has calculated the intake levels for various vitamins and minerals and assessed the amounts that can be added to food and drink without exceeding tolerable upper intake levels.

In a model for assessment of fortification of food, i.e. the addition of vitamins and minerals/trace elements, VKM has calculated intakes and compared these with tolerable upper intake levels (UL) or guidance levels (GL) for vitamins and minerals.

The model has been updated using calculations from new dietary surveys and includes more vitamins and minerals than the previous update in 2013. Some of the data entered in the model are from Danish dietary surveys, since Norwegian data is lacking.

For most substances, fortification is limited to levels of intake suitable for 1- and 2-year-olds. These age groups’ intakes exceed UL or GL already without additional fortification, using the present model.

The model does not include the risk of low nutrient intake.

The work has been done for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, which uses the results from the model to assess applications for the addition of vitamins and minerals to food and drink.


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