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Plant Health

Flea beetles -- risk to plant health

Report no:

Ordered: 13.12.2018

Publishing: 16.12.2019

Key message:

The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment (VKM) is conducting a pest risk assessment of selected Epitrix species.

Flea beetles of the genus Epitrix are small beetles that mainly feed on plants of the genus Solanaceae. However, some flea beetles feed on potatoes, which can reduce crop yield and decrease crop value. Most flea beetles originate in Latin America.


VKM will:

  • Identify Epitrix species with a potential to cause harm in Norway and summarize the current knowledge on taxonomy of these specific Epitrix species.
  • Summarize the current distribution of the selected Epitrix species.
  • Summarize the current knowledge about host species of the selected Epitrix species, and the distribution of these host species in Norway.
  • Assess the potential pathways of entry and the potential for the spread of the selected Epitrix species.
  • Assess the potential environmental consequences in Norway if Epitrix (multiple species) are introduced and established.
  • Identify relevant risk reduction measures and evaluate their effectiveness and feasibility.

Project group

The project group consists of:

The project group members were chosen based on their relevant competence within entomology, ecology, plant health and risk assessments. Two peer reviewers will be appointed to the project before completion. The Panel on Plant Health will evaluate and approve the final opinion drafted by the project group. The risk assessment will be published in November 2019.


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