Microbial Ecology

Antimicrobial resistance in the environment


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Publishing: 13.10.2022

Key message:

VKM shall compile the evidence found about antimicrobial resistance in the environment.

The Scientific Committee recognizes there may be a need for a programme to monitor antimicrobial resistance in the environment, similar to the monitoring programmes NORM (disease-causing bacteria from humans) and NORM-VET (antimicrobial resistance in organisms from feed, animals and foodstuffs).

VKM has initiated the project.


In the project, VKM will, among other things, assess the knowledge forming the basis for the current definition and description of environmental resistance. Based on clinical definitions of resistance, VKM will propose a definition of resistance in environmental bacteria.

VKM will also assess methods used to determine resistance and whether the methods are suitable for environmental tests.

Based on a complete assessment of the knowledge base, VKM shall identify the challenges and opportunities that lie in establishing in a monitoring programme for antimicrobial resistance in the environment, and what added value such a programme would provide.


The project team consists of:

The project will be approved by the Panel for Microbial Ecology. The report is scheduled to be published in October, 2022.


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