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An overview of risk assessments of «Other Substances»


Report no: 2014: 14

Published: 04.12.2014

Main message:

The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety (VKM) has prepared an overview of relevant risk assessments of "other substances" already on the Norwegian market.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA) will use the report in their work to ensure safe use of "other substances" in food, drinks and food supplements.

"Other substances" includes plant substances, fatty acids, amino acids and related substances, substances in the body, fiber and prebiotics, and probiotics. “Other substances" does not include vitamins and minerals. “Other substances” are added to food supplements, sports products and energy drinks to have a positive health effect, however, the substances can also have harmful effects and the type and extent of the negative health effect is dependent on the substance and the quantity consumed. NFSA aims to develop a national regulation of “other substances”.

In Denmark, a positive list with usage conditions and specifications for 35 substances on the Danish market has been established. NFSA has recommended the use of the Danish legislation as a model for a national legislation.

VKM has prepared an overview of risk assessments made on "other substances" used in Norway. This overview will be used for the risk assessments of "other substances". This report is updated continuously as the risk assessments of other substances are performed. The latest revised version is published here.


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