The import of leopard trophies from Namibia: a risk assessment of species survivability


Report no: Non-detriment finding (NDF)

Published: 10.01.2023

Key message:

As of today, it is not likely that the import of leopard trophies from Namibia will be detrimental to the survival of the species in the wild.

Thus conclusion from the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment (VKM). The conclusion is based partly on a recent revision of the Namibian trophy-hunting quota conducted by the Animals Committee of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

The assessment was commissioned by the Norwegian Environment Agency, the management authority for CITES in Norway.

VKM prepares non-detriment findings (NDF) in accordance with the guidelines published by CITES and the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

In an NDF, the species’ biological characteristics and national and global status are assessed. This includes information about population size and trends, distribution, management, conservation measures, and control and surveillance of trade.

VKM has reviewed data on leopard biology and population trends globally and nationally for Namibia. VKM has summarized the most important threats to the future survival of leopards. The assessment is based on published data and on correspondence with scientists studying leopards in Namibia.

VKM is regularly requested to prepare NDF-reports related to import permit applications for leopard trophies from Namibia. The most recent NDF will always be accessible from this website, and the report is updated if new data indicate that the species situation changes.


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