Plant Health

Risk categorization of plant pests


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Publishing: 15.03.2021


Key message:

The Scientific Committee for Food and Environment will risk categorize 33 plant pests, on behalf of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

The categorization is part of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority's work on updating the plant health regulations.

The assignment includes both plant pests that do not exist in the EU area and plant pests that exist in the EU area, but which may do not exist in Norway today.


For all 33 plant pests, VKM should describe:

  • theidentity of the pest
  • absenceor occurrence in Norway
  • statusin Norwegian regulations
  • potentialfor import, establishment and spread in Norway
  • possibleconsequences for Norway
  • availablemanagement options
  • conclusionon risk categorization

The project group

The VKM project group currently consists of:

VKM´s panel of plant health is responsible for the work. It is scheduled to be completed March 15, 2021.


Daniel Flø

Project manager, PhD.

M: +47 91 14 52 74
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