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Risk categorization of plant pests


Report no: 2021:09

Published: 14.06.2021

Key message:

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority requested an expert group to assess whether 33 plant pests meet the criteria for categorisation as a regulated quarantine pest in Norway, and all but one did.

Of the 33, only the cherry leafroll nepovirus meets the criteria as a regulated non-quarantine pest (RNQP) since the virus is most likely already present in Norway. The flatworm Arthurdendyus triangulates is not considered to be a plant pest, as it is unlikely to cause damage to plants if it establishes itself in Norway.

Purpose of the assessment

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority is in the process of renewing Norwegian regulations related to plants and antipest measures. They subsequently asked VKM to assess which of the current regulated plant pests should still be regulated, either as a quarantine pest (QP) or as a regulated non-quarantine pest (RNQP) in Norway. VKM was also asked to consider whether some species should be deregulated.


The 33 pests were selected by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. VKM has examined the categorization of the pests in the current regulations, and whether these should be regulated as quarantine pests, regulated non-quarantine pests, or as neither of these.

VKM has used the FinnPRIO model in the assessment. The FinnPRIO model is a ranking tool for making rapid, semi-quantitative expert assessments of plant pests. The model makes it possible to carry out risk categorisation quickly and cost-effectively.

VKM's Panel on Plant Health has approved the report.


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