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Risk assessment of the plant protection product Simplex


Report no: 2010: 44

Published: 23.12.2010

Main message:

Simplex is a new herbicide in Norway containing the active substances aminopyralid and fluroxypyr. Aminopyralid is a new substance in Norway, while fluroxypyr is registered in several authorized products.

Simplex has been applied for use as a herbicide in established grassland for forage, established ley and pasture and in grass at the first year of sowing.

During the spring of 2010, the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety (VKM) performed a health risk assessment of Simplex on request by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

The opinion was published in June. The environmental risk assessment of aminopyralid in Simplex was finalized in November, 2010.

Conclusions from VKM

The Panel concludes that the substance is very likely to reach ground water at concentrations above the critical limit of 0.1µg/L. Experimental data (water-sediment studies) suggest that aminopyralid is persistent in water.

However, aminopyralid concentrations in surface water are expected to decrease rapidly due to photolytic degradation. The overall risk for adverse effects on terrestrial and aquatic organisms following the proposed application of Simplex is considered to be minimal.

The decision of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has refused authorisation of Simplex (letter dated December 21, 2010). The refusal was justified with the adverse environmental effects of the product.

Additionally it was emphasized that the product has serious human health effects, like risk of serious damage to health by prolonged exposure if swallowed, risk of serious damage to the eyes and skin irritation.


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