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Chronic Wasting Disease - updated knowledge about the disease and risk factors for its spreading


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Publishing: 26.01.2021


Key message:

In the wake of the detection of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in a wild reindeer in the Hardangervidda area, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Norwegian Environment Agency have asked VKM for updated knowledge about the disease and for risk factors for it spreading inside and out of the wild reindeer area.

A key part of the assignment is to assess how CWD in Norway should be handled. The clients point to three alternative strategies: no measures, limiting infection and eradicating infection. VKM is asked to assess the impact the three strategies may have in the short and long term, both overall, veterinary and ecological.

VKM will also consider different types of measures to limit the spread of infection, and what effects the measures may have. In addition, VKM will assess the effects of measures to eradicate the infection, on the Hardangervidda plateau as well as in Norway.

The project group

The project group in VKM consists of:

  • Bjørnar Ytrehus, VKM member of the Panel on Microbial Ecology (Scientific Manager)
  • Erlend Nilsen, VKM member of the Panel on Alien Organisms and Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)
  • Helge Hansen, external expert, from the County Governor of Trøndelag
  • Atle Mysterud, external expert from UiO & NINA
  • Olav Strand, external expert from NINA
  • Michael Tranulis, external expert from NMBU Veterinary College
  • Jørn Våge, external expert from the Veterinary Institute
  • Maria G. Asmyhr, VKM Secretariat, Project Manager

The assignment is divided into two phases. The next phase will include the topics of food safety and game management.

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