Increasing compatibility of terminology used in systematic reviews and chemical risk assessments

Chemical risk assessments (CRAs) are used by decision makers in the development of rules and regulations, and it is therefore important that methods increasing the potential for rigour, objective, and transparent conclusions are applied. Applying systematic review (SR) principles in literature reviews of toxicological studies have the potential to advance the rigour and transparency of CRAs. Therefore, the focus on implementation of SR principles in CRAs is growing. However, the terminology used for SRs and CRAs differs, and it may therefore be challenging for CRA people to understand SR documents, and vice versa.

To increase the possibility for synergies and knowledge exchange across the SR and CRA communities, and to improve the use of SR validation tools and evidence synthesis methods in CRAs, there is a need for clarification of the SR and CRA terminology and for identification of conceptual overlap between the terms.

The main objective for this project is to cross-walk SR and CRAs terms to identify conceptual overlap and increase the compatibility of the existing vocabulary.

Expected deliveries:

  • Protocol for the creation of the manuscript (in progress)
  • Manuscript