Ingunn Anita Samdal

Member of VKM's Panel on Contaminants. Dr.Scient.

Ingunn has a doctoral degree in biochemistry and food safety. Her speciality within VKM's areas of expertise is the study of algae toxins found naturally in seafood and in drinking water.

Curriculum vitae


Seniorforsker, Veterinærinstituttet, Forskningsgruppe Toksinologi


2009: Forsøksdyrkurs for forskere (FELASA C), Norges Veterinærhøyskole

2001 – 2005: Dr. Scient., Norges Veterinærskole

1996 – 1999: Cand. Scient., Biokjemi, Biokjemisk Institutt/Bioteknologisenteret, UiO

1991 – 1995: Cand. Mag., Matematisk Naturvitenskaplig Fakultet, Universitetet i Oslo


2005 – dd: Forsker, Veterinærinstituttet

2001 – 2005: Stipendiat, Veterinærinstituttet

1999 – 2000: Avdelingsingeniør, Veterinærinstituttet

1998 – 1999: Vitenskapelig assistent, Bioteknologisenteret

Øvrig faglig bakgrunn

Deltager i PIRE-prosjektet – Linking the chemical and biological diversity of epiphytic dinoflagellates in tropical oceans: Advancing global understanding on the origin of ciguatera – ledet fra Universitetet i Sør-Alabama

Deltager i NFR-prosjektet TARGET – Targeted strategies for safeguarding the noble crayfish against alien and emerging threats

Prosjektleder i NFR-prosjektet CyanoTOX – Development and validation of diagnostic tools for cyanotoxins in Southern Africa

Deltager i Marine Biotech ERA-NET-prosjektet MARbioFEED – Enhanced biorefining methods for the production of marine biotoxins and microalgae fish feed – og EU-prosjektene ECsafeSEAFOOD – Contaminants in seafood and their impact on public health – og BIOTOX – Development of cost effective tools for risk assessment and tracebility systems for marine biotoxins in seafood

Forskningsopphold ved AgResearch i Hamilton i New Zealand i 2001, 2003 og 2005 (2-3 mnd)

Utvalgte publikasjoner

Rambla-Alegre M, Miles CO, de Iglesia P, Fernandez-Tejedor M, Jacobs S, Sioen I, Verbeke W, Samdal IA, Sandvik M, Barbosa VL, Tediosi A, Madorran E, Granby K, Kotterman M, Calis T, Diogene J. "Occurrence of cyclic imines in European commercial seafood and consumers risk assessment." Environmental Research 161, 392-398.

Samdal IA, Løvberg KE, Briggs LR, Xu J, Forsyth CJ, Miles CO. "Development of an ELISA for the detection of azaspiracids". J. Agric. Food Chem. 2015, 63, 7855-7861.

Samdal IA, Ballot A, Løvberg KE, Miles CO. Multihapten approach leading to a sensitive ELISA with broad cross-reactivity to microcystins and nodularin. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2014, 48, 8035–8043.

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