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Animal feed

Consequences of importing roughage

Report no:

Ordered: 30.04.2020

Publishing: 15.04.2021

Key message:

The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment (VKM) will assess the consequences of importing roughage, on plant health, animal health, public health and on biodiversity.


The drought and heat wave during the summer of 2018 caused crop failures in many areas of Norway. Large volumes of hay, straw, silage and other types of roughage were imported to meet the needs of livestock producers. There are concerns that foreign roughage may carry pathogenic agents as well as alien organisms.

About the mandate

VKM will assess potential effects of roughage import on biodiversity. VKM will also investigate pathogenic agents which might get transferred through imported roughage, and the consequences they might have for plant health, animal health and public health.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Norwegian Environment Agency will use the report to provide evidence-based guidance for the import and use of roughage in livestock production.

Members of the project group

The project group in VKM includes (to be updated):

Håvard Steinshamn, Scientific Panel on Animal Feed

Åshild Taksdal Randby, external Expert, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Jacques Godfroid, Scientific Panel on Animal Health and Welfare

Angelika Agdestein, Scientific Panel on Animal Health and Welfare

Bjørnar Ytrehus, Scientific Panel on Microbial Ecology

Heidi Lange, external Expert, Norwegian Public Institute of Health

Truls Nesbakken, Scientific Panel on Biological Hazards

Dean Basic (Project Manager), VKM Secretariat

Tron Gifstad, VKM Secretariat

Siamak Yazdankhah, VKM Secretariat

Members from the Scientific Panels on Animal Feed, on Plant Health, on Animal Health and Welfare, on Microbial Ecology, on Biological Hazards and on Alien Organisms and Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) will be responsible for approving the report.

Publication is scheduled for April 2021.


Dean Basic

Project manager, PhD

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