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The plant pests Dendrolimus sibiricus and Dendrolimus superans


Report no: 2018: 08

Published: 19.04.2018

Key message:

VKM consider the probability of entry and establishment for the two lappet moths, Dendrolimus sibiricus and D. superans, as unlikely

The two lappet moths, Dendrolimus sibiricus and D. superans, are largely native to Russia and restricted parts of Northern China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Japan. The pests feed on the needles several native conifer species (Pinaceae), including species found in Norway; Norway spruce (Picea abies) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris). In Russia, these moths can be major pests, where reoccurring defoliation of Coniferous trees under drought conditions eventually lead to death.

Unlikely to establish

VKM is of the opinion that the probability for the two lappet moths to spread naturally to Norway is unlikely, mainly because of the geographical distance and partial sea barriers between Norway and the infested areas.

The overall probability of entry by human mediated pathways for D. superans and D. sibiricus is considered as unlikely.

VKM is of the opinion that, should D. sibiricus enter the pest risk analysis (PRA) area, the probability of establishment and spread are considered as unlikely, due to the combination of suboptimal environmental conditions and the fact that the two potential host trees, Norway spruce (P. abies) and Scots pine (P. sylvestris), are intermediate and poor hosts, respectively.

Phytosanitary risk

Dendrolimus sibiricus and D. superans are both considered as very serious defoliators of coniferous forests in the areas where they occur. The European and Mediterranean Plant Production Organization (EPPO) and recommend that both of the lappet moths should be regulated as quarantine pests.

Today, none of the two lappets moths are regulated as quarantine pest in Norway.


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