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Animal feed

Risk assessment of the GellyFeed method

Report no: 2008: 15

Ordered: 12.02.2008

Published: 06.04.2008

Main message:

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority asked The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety (VKM) to assess whether the GellyFeed method fulfils the requirements regarding processing method given in the Norwegian Regulation on prohibited use of animal proteins in feed to food producing animals. VKM has assessed documentation regarding the method for treatment of by-products of salmon for use in feed for trout.

VKM was asked to assess two combinations of pH and hold time for sanitation: 16 hours hold time at pH of minimum 12 or 48 hours hold time of pH minimum 11. VKM was asked to assess by-products from salmonids, i.e. salmon and rainbow trout. 

The conclusion is that treatment with pH 12 for 16 hours is seen to fulfil the demands of at least 3 log reduction av A. salmonicida subsp. salmonicida and IPN-virus, as far as the degree of mincing is the same as in the tests that are described in the report from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (Husby 2003). Treatment with pH 12 for 16 hours is also considered to inactivate other viruses that are seen to be relevant in Norwegian aquaculture. Treatment with pH 11 in 48 hours is not considered to guarantee satisfactorily inactivation of IPN virus and several other relevant viruses.

The panel on animal feed was responsible for the risk assessment.


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