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Plant Health

Quarantine pests in waste from enterprises receiving potatoes and unwashed vegetables with root

Report no:

Ordered: 01.06.2017

Publishing: 31.08.2018

Key message:

The Norwegian Scientiffic Committe for Food and Environment (VKM) will assess the effects of risk reducing options in order to prevent the spread of quarantine pests from enterprises receiving potatoes or unwashed vegetables with roots for sorting, packaging, washing or industrial processing.g.

The VKM will do this on request from The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA).

Quarantine pests are plant harmdoers which may be difficult to fight. They can cause serious damage in plant production if they establish and spread.

The VKM will identify which host plants/products and which quarantine pests and potential quarantine pests that are relevant.

The VKM will also identify risk reducing options, and evaluate the effectiveness and feasibility of the options.

The probability of introducing quarantine pests It is forbidden to introduce and spread quarantine pests in Norway. Enterprises that receive potatoes or unwashed vegetables with roots must report this to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The enterprises must execute internal control and take measures to prevent quarantine pests from spreading.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority will use the risk assessment to develop regulations and guidance of receiving enterprises.

VKM's panel on plant health is responsible for the risk assessment.

The risk assessment is scheduled to be published 31.05.2018.


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