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Preliminary environmental risk assessment of genetically modified oilseed rape MON88302


Report no: 2013: 03

Published: 11.01.2013

Main message:

The Norwegian Committee for Food Safety (VKM) has performed a preliminary health and environmental risk assessment of the genetically modified and herbicide tolerant oilseed rape MON88302. The assessment has been performed in connection with EFSA´s official hearing of application EFSA/GMO/BE/2011/101, and on request from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Norwegian Environment Agency (former Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management).

The environmental risk assessment of MON88302 is based on information provided by the applicant in the application EFSA/GMO/BE/2011/101, and scientific comments from EFSA and other member states available on the EFSA website GMO Extranet. The risk assessment also considered peer-reviewed scientific litterature as relevant.

Considering the scope of the application, excluding cultivation purposes, the environmental risk assessment is limited to exposure through accidental spillage of viable seeds of MON88302 into the environment during transportation, storage, handling, processing and use of derived products.

The environmental risk assessment will be completed and finalized by the VKM Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms when requested additional information from the applicant is available.


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