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Health and environmental risk assessment of maize hybrid Bt11 x GA21 from Syngenta Seeds Inc. (EFSA/GMO/UK/2007/49)


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Published: 03.04.2009

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The health and environmental risk assessment of maize hybrid Bt11 x GA21 from Syngenta Seeds Inc. (EFSA/GMO/UK/2007/49) is carried out by VKM's panel on GMO. VKM was asked by the Norwegian Food Contol Authority and the Directorate of Nature Management to assess the maize for import and processing for use in food and feed. The application was not for cultivation.

The Panel does not find it documented that the use of the maize hybrid Bt11 x GA21will not lead to increased health risks compared to other maize. The Panel also points out that there is a lack of knowledge whether the Cry protein in Bt11 x GA21 may act as an adjuvant.

The Panel concludes that it is unlikely that the use of the hybrid as applied for will lead to any other environmental risks than other maize.

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