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Genetically modified rapeseed oil (Aquaterra® rapeseed oil) intended for use as an ingredient in fish feed


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Publishing: 13.03.2023

Key message:

VKM is performing a scientific risk assessment of genetically modified rapeseed oil (Aquaterra® rapeseed oil) intended for use as an ingredient in fish feed

The risk assessment is requested by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, NFSA


VKM shall assess potential negative health effects to fish fed feed containing Aquaterra® rapeseed oil, with a particular focus on species of salmonids, including Atlantic Salmon.
The assignment includes an evaluation of whether the use of Aquaterra® rapeseed oil in fish feed may cause an increased risk to the environment compared to conventional fish feed.

Finally, VKM is requested to consider the need for a monitoring plan to reveal potential unintended effects to health and environment.


The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA) is the national presiding authority for applications to Norway seeking approval of products derived from genetically modified organisms for use as food and feed.

As of date, Norway has not implemented the EU legislation on genetically modified food and feed. However, the national regulatory framework under the Norwegian Food Act contains the vital elements of EU legislation, including the ones pertaining to risk assessment, approval and labelling.

On June 7th 2022, the NFSA received an application from Nufarm B.V. in Netherlands, on behalf of Nuseed Nutritional Australia Pty Ltd., to use the genetically modified rapeseed oil Aquaterra® in fish feed in Norway.

Project group

• Tage Thorstensen (project chair), VKM GMO Panel
• Nur Duale, VKM GMO Panel
• Volha Shapaval, VKM GMO Panel
• Johanna Bodin, VKM GMO Panel
• Øystein Sæle, VKM Panel on Animal Feed
• Johan Johansen, VKM Panel on Animal Health and Welfare

VKM secretariat
• Ville Erling Sipinen (project manager)
• Anne Marthe Ganes Jevnaker

The final report will be approved by the VKM GMO Panel supplemented by a member from the VKM Panel on Animal Feed.

The report will be published in March 2023.


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