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Evaluating the consequenses of amending maximum limit for fluoride in food supplements

Report no:

Ordered: 11.07.2018

Published: 26.05.2019

Key message:

The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety is requested to evaluate the consequenses of amending the maximum limit for fluoride in food supplements to 0,5, 1, 5 or 7 mg per day.

The assignment includes all age groups above 1 year.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority is considering to establish a new national regulation of food supplements, including maximum limit for fluoride. The previous maximum limit for fluorid was 0,5 mg per day. It was repealed on May 30, 2017.

VKM is also requested to assess the intake of fluoride from the diet. As there are no intake data for fluoride from the diet in Norway, VKM is requested to evaluate whether intake data from other countries may be representative for Norwegian conditions.


Fluoride is a mineral, but is not considered an essential nutrient, and there are few rich dietary fluoride sources. Some drinking water sources may contain high concentrations of fluoride.

VKM's Panel on Nutrition, Dietetic Products, Novel Food and Allergy will be responsible for this assessment. It is scheduled to be published by the end of May 2019.


Bente Mangschou

Prosjektleder. Klinisk ernæringsfysiolog

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