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Genetically Modified Organisms

Comments to the EFSA public hearing of herbicide tolerant genetically modified soybean A2704-12

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Published: 11.06.2018

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Key message:

The Norwegian Committee for Food and Environment (VKM) has performed a preliminary assessment of health and environmental risk of the genetically modified soybean A2704-12. The assessment was performed in connection with EFSA´s public hearing of renewal application EFSA/GMO/RX/009, on request from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Norwegian Environment Agency.

The assessment of soybean A2704-12 is based on information provided by the applicant in the application EFSA/GMO/RX/009, and relevant peer-reviewed scientific literature.

When a company seeks approval of a genetically modified organism in the EU, the application is submitted to the national competent authority of a Member State, which forwards the application to EFSA. EFSA then submits the application for a public hearing across all EEA and EU countries. VKM conducts its own review of the application and sends its comments to EFSA. EFSA then completes their scientific opinion based on information from the applicant, comments from EU/EEA member countries and independent literature. The scientific opinion is then issued to the European Commission.

Once the Commission issues final approval, VKM then prepares a final health and environmental risk assessment of the organism on request from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Norwegian Environment Agency.

VKM submitted their comments on application EFSA/GMO/RX/009 to EFSA June 11.

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